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    We  provide the best products & services to your business.

    Product Sourcing & Development

    Korean food is beloved by many across the world, from Kimchi to fresh produce. BOW is an exporter of the finest food from Korea, and we deliver around the world. From USA to Australia, BOW has provided a great range of Korean produce across the globe. For those who crave Kimchi or want to try out a Korean snack, have a look at the products we stock as part of our range of groceries. Each order is carefully transported in state of the art temperature-controlled vehicles,  so no matter which country you live in, when you order frozen food from BOW, it’ll arrive in tip top condition! 

    Did you know that we also provide non-food products such as electrical supplies and cosmetics to overseas retailers and wholesalers? Get in touch with BOW to start your first order.


    BOW can help you leverage your buying power by coordinating direct purchase in container load quantities. To achieve the lowest possible CIF prices, we load empty containers at the factory, ship by truck to port, and expedite shipping to overseas markets. On a regular basis we ship 20 ft and 40 ft containers.


    We identify your target market so that we can assess your market's preferences and potentials on the product category. After analyzing and reviewing consuption trends and the competition of the market, we source and develop competitive products for each client.



    BOW offers clients both unmatched experience and expertise in the areas of Food Product Development. We bring vast the experience to every project as we can initialize formulations, produce prototypes, carry out laboratory and pilot plant experiments, perform plant trials and strategize initial production for your company. We work closely with each client to analyze formulations, review the manufacturing processes, secure suppliers and ingredients as well develop packaging options to reduce product costs.

    Locally Grown Fresh Produce

    All our fresh produce and processed goods are gauranted to be fresh, healthful, and organic.

    Made with locally grown fresh produce in Gangwon-do, Korea, they retain more nutritional value.

    Export Documentation Services

    BOW aims to provide exporters with a complete ‘one stop shop’ for documentation.

    Using our expert knowledge and with full support from the Chambers of Commerce, Embassies, Health Authorities and other government bodies,

    we are able to provide a comprehensive range of documentation.



     If items require specific documents to be successfully exported, then BOW can help. We can ensure produce is accompanied by the correct documentation, including general export documents, Health Certificates, Export Certificates, and much more.


    BOW provides a range of documentation services to ensure products reach their destination without any legal issues. Korean Certificates of Origin from BOW can ensure that no shipments are caught up unnecessarily in customs. We can assist and guide you with meeting the requirements of each country.


    BOW can ensure all shipments contain the correct shipping notes, including the Standard Shipping Note (SSN) and Dangerous Goods Note (DGN) as required. Our specialists have extensive experience distributing Korean products to destinations from Asia and America to the Middle East and European Union, ensuring all documentation is correct.

    Bespoke Labelling Services

    BOW prepares products in accordance with any country’s requirements,

    highlighting prohibited ingredients and translating labels into the required language.

    For any more information on the custom labelling solutions that BOW provides, speak to an experienced member of our team today.


    BOW provides professional label translations, print facilities and are able to translate Korean ingredients into English, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and many other languages. Our specialist team can apply any label to each individual item, ensuring products are ready for their intended destination.


     The BOW team understands that products need to be sent all over the world, to different countries and cultures. We will advise, where possible, if ingredients such as meat, E-numbers, alcohol etc. are prohibited. We prepare products in accordance with country requirements, ensuring an easy and efficient delivery. 


    BOW can mark best before dates on every product, carton, sleeve and box as required. Our bespoke labelling services can be tailored to meet the requirements of each client. For more information on the expert labelling BOW provides, please get in touch.

    Logistics & Export Services

    We are one of Korea's leading Export Management Companies, a 'one stop shop' that offers a complete export and rework service.

    We pride ourselves in removing the complexity of difficult export processes for our customers.



    BOW moves an average of 20 tonnes of ocean freight each month to destinations all over the world. Our experienced team understands the most efficient way of exporting goods, ensuring your items reach global customers as quickly as possible. BOW premises hold 'Known Cargo' status, which guarantees the highest level of security for all goods held within, as well as a faster, smoother transit through traffic.



    Since BOW  was established, we’ve gained valuable experience and knowledge when it comes to freight services. We move an average of 20 tonnes of ocean freight monthly, working closely with major freight forwarders and shipping lines to achieve highly competitive rates. This allows us to provide affordable sea freight services to our customers. 



    The BOW team works closely with major freight forwarders and airlines, achieving the best possible rates for all of our shipments, to all destinations. We are committed to providing the best possible service to all of our clients, reducing delays and ensuring items reach their destination on time.

    Temperature Controlled Solutions

    BOW  can offer a niche temperature controlled LCL /FCL services from our facility to any destination over the world.


     BOW can offer a temperature controlled LCL and FCL services to any destination over the world. If you don’t have enough freight for a full container, want to avoid higher airfreight costs and have products with a good shelf life then this service would be a good fit for your business.


     BOW utilises reefer freight networks when required to make sure that items reach international destinations in perfect condition. We are handling ambient and chilled products from our warehouse to the destination airport. We can offer temperature-controlled transport to Manchester Airport


    BOW ships around 5 containers monthly, working closely with major freight forwarders and shipping lines to achieve highly competitive rates. This allows us to provide affordable sea freight services to our customers.

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