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  • About bowné Kimchi

    Grown in Nature

    All our products are made of premium ingredients grown in clean nature of Korea.

    Farm to Table

    BOW Co., Ltd. works directly with Korean farmers, which ensures that only the finest 
    cabbages are selected for our Kimchi.  All our products are farmer-crafted from vegetables harvested in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

    Vegan Friendly

    Made of fresh vegetables, bowné kimchi is distinguished by its exceptionally 
    light flavor and authentic taste.

    Authentic Taste of Korea

    bowné kimchi  is a true Korean kimchi made with the best Korean ingredients. Fresh napa cabbages from Gangwon province ensure the crisp texture of kimchi, whereas quality chili powder brings a vibrant and mouthwatering hue to the kimchi. 

    How to Enjoy Kimchi

    Side Dish

    Eat bowné kimchi as a side dish with eggs., rice, meats, noodles, or soups..


    Simply chop bowné kimchi and garnish on top of salads, noodles, or pizzas !

    Main Dish

    bowné kimchi is perfect to cook stews, pancakes, or stir fries.

    What Makes bowné kimchi Different?

    - Shelf Life:  2 years at room temperature
    - Vegan Friendly : Solely made of vegetables, it does NOT consist of any seafood or meat)
    - 100% Natural: All the ingredients - cabbage, red pepper, carrot, and radish - is produced in Korea, and processed in a HACCP-certified facility.
    - Key Importers:  USA, Europe (U.K, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, etc.)

    For more information, click here

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